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  1. Roger says:

    It was merely following the third law: "A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws"

    His Robot Girlfriend is a free eBook that is worth reading (not the greatest work out there, but certainly interesting) that is related to this video.

    • Erbo says:

      The Fourth Law may also apply here: "A robot must perform the functions for which it was designed, as long as this does not conflict with the first three laws."

  2. mrbill says:

    Aki Ross is better looking IMHO :-)

  3. 205guy says:

    I do like the graphic novel-like rendering, but computer graphics still fall into the uncanny abyss with human faces.

    In the game that it's advertising, does the heroine have to escape from the factory using some sort of gun?

    • jwz says:

      It's not advertising a game, it's just a tech demo.

    • It's a tech demo from Quantic Dream. They did a similar thing for "Heavy Rain" with this clip:


      Which also had nothing to do with the game itself.

      Both of these videos are captures from a PS3, rather than exporting from a render farm. The idea being that the quality you see is rendered in real-time on the device. There's just no interactivity beyond hitting the play button. It would be nice to see the demo as the game engine (not video) on PSN...

      Funny how the content of both are similar narrative style of one modeled female character talking to a faceless male character(s).

  4. J. Peterson says:

    It looks like sensor-saturates-the-whole-scanline is the new lens flare.

  5. anyfoo says:

    It's a bit weird, though, that the programmers apparently decided to provide her with flawless unaccented english and french, but horrible german and japanese.

    • Andreas says:

      Eh, the german is fine. Sounds like a non-native speaker with a lot of practice. Looking at how bigger-budget productions (Fringe, looking at you) completely fuck up ostensibly-native German, her pronunciation and grammar was a pleasant surprise.

      • anyfoo says:

        Incidentally, those four languages are exactly the languages I know (I'm half-german/half-french, japanese was learned in uni, english is... well, english), and I just noticed that the french was pretty flawless. I realize that the actress is probably half-french or something (her first name is "Valerie"), but if they really wanted to go for consistency, they should have either gotten separate similar-sounding voice actors for all other languages (tricky!) or faked an english accent in the french part, too. But yeah, at least her german is way better than what you normally hear in movies...

        • Quantic Dream is a French company, so sourcing a fluent French voice actor who sounds enough like Valorie Curry shouldn't be a problem for them.

    • 205guy says:

      However, I expected her to sing J-pop.

  6. Congratulations, Kara. Now you get to spend up to 173 years as a slave.

  7. Dustin says:

    All the robots think they're alive. A/B tests showed that consumers prefer sentient robots. This is the last part of the test: the robot is told sentience is a defect and has to agree to pretend she's just like the other non-sentient robots.

    • It's like a dystopian version of Toy Story.

    • Billy Boop says:

      Step 1: Try to make robot that thinks it's alive.
      Step 2: Write ridiculously complicated software that never quite works.
      Step 3: Hide problem by telling robot that it should pretend not to be alive.
      Step 4: Sell robot to customer who wants sentient robot.
      Step 5: Watch customer coax robot to act sentient.
      Step 6: Watch robot's ridiculously complicated software shit itself, bricking the unit.
      Step 7: Blame customer. Claim that profit is for chumps.

  8. Paging Paolo Bacigalupi...

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