I'm guessing Pinkie Pie is not a "brogrammer"...

...and likely neither "bros down" nor "crushes code".

A teenage hacker who identified himself only as PinkiePie said he spent the past week and half working on the attack. [...]

"These kinds of things are finicky" PinkiePie told reporters as he finished a blueberry yogurt just minutes after making his booby-trapped website display a picture of a pink pony wielding a medieval axe. He said he "got lucky" because he found a way to break out of Google's sandbox relatively early and then spent the rest of the time identifying vulnerabilities that allowed him to remotely funnel code through the system.

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  1. Erik Nelson says:

    Taking the brogramming thing seriously is as news credulous as believing the vodka tampon bullshit.

  2. Jonn says:

    No, he's a Bronygrammer.

  3. DFB says:

    #brony-dev is a thing, and seems to be doing better than #bro-dev

    • Nick Lamb says:

      There is the possibility that we get a generation of programmers who are socially well-adjusted people purely on account of having paid close attention to a children's cartoon. I'm not sure whether to be pleased or terrified.

      On my brief exposure to MLP:FIM the main thing that puzzled me was, in what sense are these little ponies? They appear to be full-sized magical ponies. The toys are smaller, but that's true for even the most generously proportioned Lego Death Star model or a Barbie doll which don't have "little" in the title.

      • Rick C says:

        "in what sense are these little ponies?"

        In the sense that MLP started out as a bunch of 4 inch or so tall dolls for young girls.

        • Nick Lamb says:

          Sure, I'm aware of those, I'm fairly sure my younger sister owned some and one of my (adult) friends owns some now. The fact that those are named My Little Pony makes sense as I said.

          • Rick C says:

            What can I say? Clearly, if anyone at Hasbro or their marketing companies thought about this, they decided that it didn't outweigh the branding tie-in to the existing merch. Go too far down the rabbit hole and you'll be wondering what diet dr. pepper takes more like regular dr. pepper than.

      • Well, consider: all the ponies are smaller than the alicorns (Celestia, Luna). They're also smaller than the Manticore in the pilot, which is supposed to be about the size of a lion, and smaller than the cows on the farm. So they would appear to be little by the standards of Earth horses. Moreover, the only time they refer to each other is "little ponies" is when the adults are addressing the childr...

        I've outed myself, haven't I?

  4. Piku says:

    Some of the comments on that page are priceless. It's a magical combination of cluelessness, nerdlike showing off, and little nuggets like this

    I'll be honest and say I've never watched the new My Little Pony show, and don't at all understand the fascination. I mean I get it, people are enjoying it, but some of the fan artwork I've seen on reddit in regards to it are borderline illegal.

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