Does the click-to-focus thing in the iPhone photo app actually do anything? It seems like when I use it, then hit fire half a second later, it (often) gets a new focus-lock and (always) gets a new exposure-lock before taking the picture, so what's the point?

Also, I found a use for the HDR button: it's a way of forcing overexposure. The "HDR" image will be shit, but it also saves another image that is a couple of stops brighter.

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  1. Jordan Cole says:

    Tap-to-focus doesn’t do much, but try holding down a moment for AE/AF lock.

  2. Neil Girling says:

    This is why I use Camera+ by taptaptap.

    • Ditto. Plus: ability to focus on one place, but meter the light from a second place.

      • Ditto^2.

        Not like the 4S is a great camera needing all sorts of nuance, the best camera is the one you have, &tc.

        Camera+ is very much worth the buck or whatever it costs. If I can't make it work with it, I should have brought my SLR, and probably the tripod.

    • Piku says:

      Yeah, now is the time to play the "find a decent camera app" game. The built in Camera one is a bit limited.

      I like Camera Genius, or if I'm feeling in the mood for processed images - Hipstamatic.