Can someone please explain to me the network-failure-related conditions under which the iPhone 4s will A) fail to deliver an email message and also B) not leave a copy in either Outbox or Sent??


Second time in two days. Ready to shank a bitch.

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5 Responses:

  1. Jubal says:

    My condolences -- this has happened to me a few times on an iPhone. I'm very careful now: After I "send" an important mail, I visit Sent and confirm the copy landed there. If not, I resend in a few minutes.

  2. says:

    Did you forget to make the burnt offering again?

  3. jwz says:

    Seriously, this is graded pass-fail. There's no "pretty close" when it comes to handling email. I could maybe accept a window of a couple milliseconds after I hit send where a power failure could believably lose data, but how shit do you have to be to fail to receive "OK" from the server and yet delete the message from the Outbox anyway?

    Extremely shit, that's how.

    • Ronald Pottol says:

      Especially given that there is webmail will save drafts (gmail) as you type, so a crash doesn't loose much. Just making mail disappear is absurd (though on the google front, I think my android phone has lost mail the same way).

  4. kimberley says:

    if it's an IMAP account, perhaps it's using a different sent folder? i had that issue for a minute.