And now 50 naked people on bikes just rolled by.

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  1. pavel_lishin says:

    How drunk is your camera?

    • jwz says:

      I accidentally had HDR turned on in the iPhone camera app. That setting does not appear to ever do anything worthwhile.

      • Julian says:

        You can tell iPhone to keep the non-HDR photo in Settings -> Photos. (Scene needs to be still for multiple exposures for HDR to produce something clear)

      • David M.A. says:

        Kind of a neat effect in this case, though.

      • Andrew says:

        I believe HDR is intended to work with still images by combining multiple shots of different exposure durations and taking the "best" parts of each to obtain a final composite image. (For example, if you have an image with well lit and not well lit sections, where in a single exposure one or the other won't look good due to being over or under exposed, this is intended to make both areas look exposed enough).

        Obviously it becomes a lot harder image processing problem to pull off if something is moving and I don't think most camera makers bother to try - they just tell you not to use this feature on moving subjects.

        Not a feature I use, but I guess I can see the value if you really need that image for some productive reason and can't get it with a single exposure.

  2. Doctor Memory says:

    ...the lady in the middle is wearing a sailboat on her head?

  3. Ronan Waide says:

    This is how those of us in the colonies imagine SF to be. All. The. Time.

    • jwz says:

      I wouldn't say "all the time", but this was definitely more in the category of "noteworthy" than "unusual".

      Our waiter's comment was, "Huh, there's usually more of them."

      • Ronan Waide says:

        When I visited MIT for the first time, I was stupidly pleased that someone passed me by on a unicycle. I'm clearly easily impressed by adherence to expectations.

        • Richard says:

          Come to Berkeley!

          As I was riding through yesterday afternoon (clothed), I saw a moppet on a unicycle in the middle of the street texting on an iPhone. "Daddy, Tasmin won't let me play in the yurt!"

          That and the 17 year old undergraduate concert protesting loudly to her co-nerds about how she just can't stand "sloppy translations", based neither on knowing any Latin at all or being even vaguely familiar with the Catholic mass. Because nothing says "sophisticated intellectual cultural critic" like "Sabaoth obviously can't be a real word". Ah, youth.

  4. Jed Davis says:

    It was the official Southern Hemisphere World Naked Bike Ride Day.

    Because, as we all know, San Francisco is in the Southern Hemisphere.

  5. Adolf Osborne says:

    Why is the girl in the middle wearing a dunce cap? Was she naughty?