No, turns out they're fucking terrible. I chose poorly. I've seen high school metal bands better than this.


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This jackass would like you to know that he got bitches on his dick, bitches on his dick. So I'm just passing that along. Also, fuck hiphop: bringing you quality misogyny since 1985. Japanther better be worth waiting through this bullshit.

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I think I'm seeing Morris Day cover Napalm Death. Breaking...

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Glass Lux

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Without shoes, is it Toegaze?

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Does the click-to-focus thing in the iPhone photo app actually do anything? It seems like when I use it, then hit fire half a second later, it (often) gets a new focus-lock and (always) gets a new exposure-lock before taking the picture, so what's the point?

Also, I found a use for the HDR button: it's a way of forcing overexposure. The "HDR" image will be shit, but it also saves another image that is a couple of stops brighter.

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When I am Benevolent Dictator, there will be no entertainment permitting, but cymbals and snares will be controlled substances with a licensing exam.

They are the ketchup of music.

There's nothing wrong with ketchup, but some people think you should just drown everything in that shit.

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Iä! Iä!

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Xray Eye Balls

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