I'm not entirely sure what it is that I just saw.

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Soft Metals

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So much fog. It kind of looked like this:

And since it was shoegazery, I guess it kind of sounded like that too. Here's a slightly better blur, though:

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Elephant Stone

So we're seeing here an indie rock band, with a sitar, named after a song by an English band, at an event that is a Quebec / Iceland co-production... in Texas. So there's that.

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Fun fact: their bass player is an Emacs user, so not only are they a fantastic band, but they have impeccable taste in text editors.

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Voltaire Twins


Usually I try to avoid seeing the same band twice, but I only caught their last few songs last time, and also, my Saturday schedule is surprisingly sparse, so I am largely leaving it to fate today.

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Psychic Ills

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Shout Out Out Out Out

There is some debate over the number of Outs, but I believe four.

I should mention that despite being a vocoder band with adorably vintage electronics, they really played a fucking show. This was no group of laptop jockeys.

Them: "Hi, we're from Canada. North West Canada." Eva: "So, Alaska?" Me: "No, that would be North West West West West Canada." [Then I just started giggling, for quite a while.] Eva: "You're writing your blog post already, aren't you?" Me: "No, honestly I was still just being charmed at how funny I think I am! Seriously, I kill me."

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