Surprise! Religionist con-men think their indoctrination sessions deserve your continuous subsidy.

Sunday meter proposal draws ire of San Francisco churches

A proposal to expand parking meter enforcement to Sundays has drawn the ire of local churches and other places of worship.

"Quite honestly, it would be too much to ask these members to pay for parking every week," said Pappas. "I think it would have a tremendous impact on attendance at services."

"San Francisco prides itself on being an inclusive, diverse city," said Brown. "But this measure is suggesting that people of faith are not welcome here."

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Niki and the Dove

They had been scheduled to play SF in a few weeks, but apparently their label pulled the plug on funding the tour and cancelled that show, so I was really glad they made it to SXSW. Unfortunately the gig was in a hotel dining room (imagine the ambience) with -- and I know it's only Thu, but I'm gonna call it anyway -- Austin's worst sound tech. They were still awesome, though. (N.b.: occasionally two drummers.)

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