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Zola Jesus

I kinda like her recorded material, but I saw her in a big place, opening for (I think) The XX at The Fox, and I thought, this show sucks but I'll bet she would be good in a small venue.

I was wrong. Left early.

Update: Yes, I realize this violates my rule about only posting photos of shows I enjoyed. Sorry, but I was annoyed. PS, Light Asylum were similarly disappointing.

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Gemini Club

This is only the second time I've seen a band put their keyboards on the stands backwards, by way of saying, "yes, I am doing shit". It's not a bad idea.

If "radio friendly" is still a thing that exists, these guys are that.

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Somehow, presumably due to a network failure, my fucking iPhone posted this message with pix but without any of the words I wrote. How does that even fucking happen? Anyway, while choking on smoke in Austin's one despicable goth club awaiting Zola Jesus, I will attempt to reproduce this post from memory. 

Tammar: the spirit of Factory Records is alive in this band. Also, hypothesis not yet disproven: bands with two drummers are automatically cool. Also also: any band with a Melodica must be referencing either New Order's "Love Vigilantes" or Gang of 4's "It's Her Factory", and either way, they are My People. 

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Of Verona

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Actual size.

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Young Magic

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