This jackass would like you to know that he got bitches on his dick, bitches on his dick. So I'm just passing that along. Also, fuck hiphop: bringing you quality misogyny since 1985. Japanther better be worth waiting through this bullshit.

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  1. lindamar112 says:

    What's the significance of 1985?

  2. lindamar112 says:

    I'll pick 1989 when NWA released straight outta compton & 2 Live Crew released as Nasty as they wanna be. The whole vibe of it went from light hearted party anthems over disco & jazz beats to....something else....

    Sorry Japanther wasn't up to snuff.

  3. Preston Sumner says:

    It's disillusioning how little hip-hop has changed in over 30 years compared to other music genres.

    • jwz says:

      Hiphop does seem to have been extremely stagnant, probably as a result of it being the default anthem of disaffected suburban youth -- and those kids ain't picky -- but other genres don't always evolve very quickly, either. Indie rock (which used to be called "post-punk") has been recapitulating The Pixies and Gang of Four for decades. Triphop (you may know it as "The XX" today) is a mashup of hiphop and dub reggae, kinda.[*] Nirvana is what you get when you filter The Who through Big Black. Marilyn Manson is Fugazi remixing Alien Sex Fiend.

      We all eat our past. I assume that's why Bootie pays my bills!

      [*] Reggae, incidentally, is the most stagnant genre of all time. It budded off of 1st-wave ska and then hasn't changed a god damned note in literally forty years. It's hard not to blame the pot. It's an entire genre that functions as a "Just Say No" commercial.


    I'm not out here to defend hip hop, but it's not all bad. Some Deltron 3030 is a fresh and nerdy breath of air from the misogyny.

  5. jwz says:

    The Four Pillars of Hiphop are Bitches, Weed, Guns and Vandalism, right?

    Obviously there's good hiphop out there. Public Enemy's Nation of Millions is one of the most influential records ever, upon many genres, and depending on where you draw the line, Massive Attack and Tricky (two of my favorite artists) probably count. Very recently, I've been enjoying K.Flay. I'm not gonna try to make an exhaustive list. But most of it, like 99.99% of it, is this "bitches on my dick" bullshit. And it doesn't help that all of them seem to think that a proper live show is to get as many people on stage as possible, none with instruments, all of them screaming into mics at the same time, all of which are clipping because none of them even know how to hold a mic properly!

    So fuck that noise. That is the noise which you should not bring.

    • phuzz says:

      To quote Scoobius Pip
      "Guns, bitches and bling were never part of the four elements, AND NEVER WILL BE"
      (from here)

      I tend to differentiate between Rap (violence and misogyny) and Hip-hop (stuff I like).

    • CJDE says:

      I'm not sure that's fair. Rock musicians have been bragging about their sexual conquests well before the rap revolution. I'm pretty sure half of Van Halen's catalogue (the good years, anyway) is David Lee Roth talking about how much tail he gets and just how much he wants to take you to bed.

      You could listen to Kanye, he seems to rap about Jesus, having his jaw broken in a car crash, blood diamonds and monsters.

  6. Sam says:

    rap is just one part of hip hop. "artists" whose entire catalog is made up of misogynystic lyrics and braggadocio have no idea about the history or culture of hip hop. record companies have made a mockery of the music and money off the madness. that said, as someone who will apologetically defend rap music and hip hop, I concur with the general idea behind the statement. More, fuck that guy than hip hop in general.