And So I Watch You From Afar

These guys were so loud, my earplugs wished they had earplugs. And my molars. And my testicles.

That's right. I think my testicles have suffered permanent hearing loss.

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General Fiasco

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Wonder Villains

I think all of their songs were about TV shows or love letters to celebrities. It was kind of adorable.

Also, God Save The British Music Embassy, the venue I spend more of my SXSW time in than any other. I'm an hour off the plane and they ply me with awesome bands and free food and booze on Her Majesty's dime. Uh, shilling?

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Indie Rock Death March begins now.

What's on my airplane bloody mary? Nothing!

For those of you who don't remember this from previous years, you can expect to see one or two crappy camera phone photos of each band that I see and enjoy this week. Mostly this is for my benefit, so that I can remember them later. But you should give them a listen, too.

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