jwz mixtape 113

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 113.

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SXSW scraper

I wrote a thing to scrape the SXSW schedule, intersect it against highly-rated tracks in iTunes, and generate an iCal calendar.

This will probably be of interest to like 3 people. Let me know if you are one of those 3, or if you improve it.

Update: It looks like sched.org contains more events than sxsw.org does, so I added an option to read from there instead, or from both of them.

If you've downloaded it already, grab the new version and run it again. I've just realized that the geniuses running the sxsw.com web site think that an event at 12:01AM on Fri Mar 16 should be listed under Thu Mar 15 instead. Fantastic.

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