I'm guessing Pinkie Pie is not a "brogrammer"...

...and likely neither "bros down" nor "crushes code".

A teenage hacker who identified himself only as PinkiePie said he spent the past week and half working on the attack. [...]

"These kinds of things are finicky" PinkiePie told reporters as he finished a blueberry yogurt just minutes after making his booby-trapped website display a picture of a pink pony wielding a medieval axe. He said he "got lucky" because he found a way to break out of Google's sandbox relatively early and then spent the rest of the time identifying vulnerabilities that allowed him to remotely funnel code through the system.

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Stephen Wolfram's Epic Analytics are EPIC.


Let's start off talking about email. I have a complete archive of all my email going back to 1989. Here's a plot with a dot showing the time of each of the third of a million emails I've sent since 1989:

OK. So email is one kind of data I've systematically archived. And there's a huge amount that can be learned from that. Another kind of data that I've been collecting is keystrokes. For many years, I've captured every keystroke I've typed -- now more than 100 million of them:

He what? He what? He archived every keystroke for a decade.

I am in a great deal of awe and not a little bit of outright worship at this project. Holy shit. Why didn't I do that?? Look at those fucking graphs. Just fucking look at them.

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DNA Lounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein we're hiring!

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