You kids today: explanation needed.

So there's some band I haven't heard of at Slim's tonight, and there's a line of 20+ teen girls camping out for tickets, lawn chairs and everything. Some of them have been there since before noon.

But this show is not even sold out online. It's almost 5pm and tickets are still available.

Why would you decide that spending 9+ hours sitting on a cold, uncomfortable, and not very attractive sidewalk was a better plan than borrowing mom's credit card? I just don't understand. How is this a good idea? I don't think they're even drunk!

I mean, I camped out like this for shows when I was their age, but that was back when dinosaurs walked the earth and the only way to get tickets was either to buy them at the venue's box office or win them by calling a radio station on the phone, because the goddamn internet hadn't been invented yet.


DNA Pizza: Official Restroom of Teen Girls Who Make Weird Time-Management Choices.

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17 Responses:

  1. Jim says:

    Doing the dumb thing with friends is almost always more fun than doing the smart thing alone.

    • jwz says:

      That is a stupid non-answer.

      • Rick C says:

        Not really, because he's right. My sister, when she was in high school, would go to the movie theater with 30-40 other kids in her grade. They would apparently the get deliberately thrown out en masse, at which point they'd mill around outside the theater until the owner would come out and threaten to call the cops on them.

        They did this on a regular basis. Instead of going to the mall, for example. And they were almost literally throwing money away to do it.

  2. Neil Kandalgaonkar says:

    Ask some of them?

    • MattyJ says:

      I can see JWZ out there right now:

      "What are you kids doing out here? Haven't you herd of the Internet? You don't have to do this any more! Get off my sidewalk!"

      Squirts them with hose.

  3. Eric Gottesman says:

    there are a couple of possible actual answers here, based largely on my experiences with weird teenage P9 fans: one is that they want to meet the artist, and expect that said artist will eventually have to emerge either from their vehicle or the venue, and this will be their only opportunity to talk to them in an environment conducive to conversation. this seems most likely.

    the other possibility is that they didn't do any research but ASSUMED that the show would be sold out because they believe the artist to be far more popular than they actually are, and thus showed up early because they thought they'd have to, and that this would be the only way to get a decent spot in the club once they arrived. this happens frequently because artists who play to this sort of audience do better if the audience thinks like this, so they'll send out messages saying things like "HURRY UP AND GET TICKETS!!! THIS SHOW -WILL- SELL OUT!" even when they know there's no chance of that happening.

    oh- the last possibility is also the most banal: logistics. they may have gotten out of school and had their parents drop them off at the venue instead of home, and this was the only time that they could get there. this explains the extreme timing... except that it's presidents' day, which... do kids get that off? i don't even know.

  4. Jessica Lennon says:

    Option A: These girls' mothers do not know where they are, and would not facilitate if asked. Option B: There is some sort of fan-club only, first come first served meet and greet being offered.

  5. MattyJ says:

    1. They are street urchins from the Upper Haight and don't have parents, much less parents with credit cards.
    2. They are groupies that follow the band from city to city, and cash and carry is the easiest way to go.

  6. Kyle Lahnakoski says:

    The girls do not have access to their parent's credit card. Either the parents will not allow their credit cards to be used for their daughter's purchases or the girls' parents do not even know about the concert.

  7. Thomas Lord says:

    Option C: They aren't there to see the show. Fooled ya'.

  8. Different Jamie says:

    I don't think they're even drunk!

    Well, there's the problem, right there.

    Official Restroom of Teen Girls Who Make Weird Time-Management Choices.

    There's the other problem.

  9. Jeff says:

    I used to arrive stupid early to concerts so I could stand in the front row, surrounded by people who were there to see the band. Doing otherwise ensured I would be no closer to the stage than twenty feet, surrounded by people who were there to get drunk and fall down a lot.
    In my old age, I've learned to appreciate the whole experience.

    • Marcello says:

      i'm no teenaged girl ;) but my girlfriend actually acts like one.

      she camps outside radiohead shows for HOURS (they get there at 4AM). and she obviously already have the tickets since they are usually sold out online in seconds and there's no way to get them at the venue. when they finally open the gates they run to the stage at breakneck speed to be able to get to the rail and be in the first row. she and a friend of hers are actually training to get back in shape for that run!

      anyway i suspect (hope, actually) they do it just for the fun of spending time together with people from all over the world: we're from italy and she's coming to seattle for three days just to be at a show. after the 4 italian shows, 2 shows in berlin and 1 in lisboa.


      • redgrittybrick says:

        You nailed it. My wife pre-purchases tickets and if there are no seats or seats aren't allocated she turns up hours early for the sprint to the front. If seats are allocated she is marginally less early to the venue. No one actually sits on the seats.

  10. Don says:

    I fall back on my position that when the question is "why?" the answer is likely "money." (Though when the question is "why did someone do this stupid thing?" I think the answer is most likely "because they're stupid") You're thinking about this as some way you can pay money in exchange for time you could spend doing something better. That presumes having the money and having something better to do with your time.

    I just went to see the Dead Milkmen here in the DC area. Tickets were $18. The various fees were $8.75, a 49% surcharge. I paid it because I wanted to be sure I could go and I can spend $9 without worrying about it overly.

    Teenagers have a whole lot of time nobody can/will pay them for. What they can get paid for almost certainly earns them less in an hour than the things they want to be doing COSTS in an hour. So why spend an hour or three earning money to spend on bullshit fees when they can instead hang out with friends or strangers with shared interests? They very possibly would have spent it shooting the shit same as they're doing on the sidewalk. This way saves them some change and makes An Experience out of it.

    • jwz says:

      I totally understand time having no value, but the thing that is baffling me is, why waste your day there? Sure, an excuse to hang out with your friends all day anticipating a show. Great. Why not do that in a park or a 7/11 parking lot or spare-changing on Haight, or any of a number of far more pleasant environments than the sidewalk of 11th Street? I enjoy an urban hellscape as much as the next guy, but this block is just not very pleasant or even remarkable! Even as blight goes, it's boring.