Stolen Babies

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  1. Pavel says:

    Goddamnit, I didn't know they were even touring. How do bands advertise that sort of thing nowadays? Their MySpace page shows that they're not touring, despite a blog post saying that they're playing a show; I'm not even sure if the Facebook page is loading fully - and their .com consists of links to the crap above. :/

    (Oh, nevermind, apparently ReverbNation is where they actually put stuff in. And naturally, they're not coming to New York. Le sigh.)

    • jwz says:

      Mostly I become aware of tours by A) following bands on Facebook and B) SonicLiving, which is seeded with my music collection by being connected to which is populated from my iTunes. (Now that I type that out it sounds kind of convoluted, but it works pretty well and takes zero effort.)

      • Pavel says:

        Ah, I'm subscribed to SongKick, I think, which helpfully informs me when Jay-Z, Khaled, and Britney Spears are in town. I think I'll give SonicLiving a try, since I already have iTunes and LastFM glued together.

        • Ben Brockert says:


          It's one of those rare services that actually works. The only other way I ever hear of bands playing is the email list of my venue of choice.

          • phuzz says:

            I find that's events page does a pretty good job for me, piped straight to an RSS feed.
            Also I have a monthly browse on my local ticket shop's website, which, despite having one of the most ugly websites known to man or beast, do have pretty much every local gig available.
            Also they don't charge much postage, and are a local business, what's not to like?

  2. aard says:

    how did you shoot these, the regular phone approach? these look much better than your typical phone-shot performer images.