Pop Kill Mk 2.

I have improved the popcorn pumper.
Pray that I do not improve it further.

The previous version of my Corn Containment Dome worked pretty well, but still left a bit of a mess. This one was manufactured with tighter tolerances.

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10 Responses:

  1. Charles Stephens says:

    Clearly a fantastic space-age futuristic 10's solution to an 80's problem. Please excuse me while I steal your idea and hop into my time machine. Just after I pop into the microwave a bag of…

  2. Peter Beardsley says:

    Do not be too proud of this technological terror you have constructed.

  3. sean b says:

    The height on some of those popped kernels is insane.

  4. Steve Vigneau says:

    If you are looking for more popcorn, consider Amish Country Popcorn. I've been particularly fond of the purple, blue, and red varieties.

  5. Joe says:

    "Pray that I do not improve it further."


    • sth says:

      REST interface. HTTP 202/203/204 responses would all work well. And maybe an RFC for HTTP 419: "I'm a popcorn maker"