Heavy crime in the naked city

It's just like that Whitesnake video:

"She walks directly to me," he said. "She walks up the hood of my car. And she begins stomping on my windshield, completely naked."

The woman, who Knight estimated to weigh about 250 pounds, cracked his windshield with the first stomp. She got a couple more in before plainclothes officers pulled her off and handcuffed her as she screamed and wailed, Knight said.

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7 Responses:

    • Ed Marshall says:

      "Better" is a relative term.

      • 205guy says:

        Well the light is more interesting, the distortion from the glass is a refrshing change from all the hipstamatic fakery, and the reflection gives a first-person authenticity to the shot.

        But you're right, the white balance is off, the focus isn't sharp, and the chromatic aberration leaves a lot to be desired (xkcd.org/1014).

        • Laura Rubin says:

          Thank you for the XKCD link; I was starting to wonder if you were just a pretentious douchebag, or an *ironic* pretentious douchebag.

  1. Adolf Osborne says:

    IMNSHO, "naked" implies "also not wearing any shoes."

    • Laura Rubin says:

      I have to wonder what mental condition causes one to run outside naked and terrorize the public, but that also leaves room for the clarity of mind to put your shoes back on before doing so.