Hayley Wade

Hayley Wade is running for Vice President Student Life. This is her men's room campaign poster.

At the University of Calgary. It is real, not Photoshopped, apparently. That is dirty politics. Her opponent doesn't stand a chance.

I initially read that as "Student Vice President For Life", which I also thought was bold.

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7 Responses:

  1. Holy crap. I love her.

  2. SM says:

    Haven't seen this poster on campus, myself. I will look for it, and verify that it is real LONG after any interest has passed.

  3. Adam A says:

    I love the lone comment on that blog.

    "I know this girl! She can drink a lot. It's impressive."

  4. ppk says:

    She's clearly an amature. If she were serious about winning she'd follow the lead of Dutch porn star Bobbi Eden who promised oral sex to all her twitter followers if Holland won the world cup. link