DNA Lounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein hammers are swingin'!

3 Responses:

  1. DFB says:

    Short radio spots? "DNA Pizza serves coffee [24 hours | and breakfast] next to DNA Lounge, 11th Street by Harrison South of Market." There is only one way to see if it's worth it, but wait until your free coffee promotion is over to be able to estimate the cost/benefit with only one independent variable, of course.

  2. This:

    I asked him, "Have you even noticed that we have those A-frame signs on the corners hyping coffee?" He said, "Oh, I walk by that every day. I walk by and think, 'Oh, hey, DNA, I like those guys'. I've never actually read it, I guess!"

    It was frustrating because here's a guy who is exactly our target market for the morning/lunchtime crowd, and we were completely failing to reach him with our message of, "Hey, we exist". I don't know why, and neither did he.

    is super irritating (the situation, I mean, not the guy, obviously). I wish I had a realistic suggestion. Loudspeakers, maybe?

    Um, and unrelatedly: "climing"?

  3. Leonardo Herrera says:

    Re: Metal bands, they are the new classic rock. Sepultura is somewhat of a religion down here (Chile, Perú, Brazil.)

    I bet Frank Zappa would still be using Usenet.