I was not able to stay for Glass Candy because the crowd was so full of bro-tards and stoners: it was like being at the fucking Fillmore. I was trying to decide what made it so brospicable -- did we have Glass Candy, Noise Pop or Mezzanine to thank? When I remembered that Glass Candy were on the Drive soundtrack.

Yup. Hollywood will vinegar it up every time.

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  1. plumpy says:

    Chromatics were actually on the Drive soundtrack, not Glass Candy. (But they share a member, that's him on the keyboards.)

    • plumpy says:

      But are you sure it was that? Bros who want to do ecstasy is sort of Mezzanine's crowd, especially on weekends. I don't even think they look at the lineup. The only time it's not like that is the rare time they host an indie rock show that sold out weeks in advance.