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Shamefully, this article has no photos of the implant, so here's a picture of a prototype from 2008.

83 year-old woman got 3D printed mandible

The University of Hasselt announced today that Belgian and Dutch scientists have successfully replaced a lower jaw with a 3D printed model for a 83 year-old woman. According to the researchers, It is the first custom-made implant in the world to replace an entire lower jaw.

The lower jaw of the elderly woman was badly infected and needed to be removed. Considering the age of the patient, a "classical" microsurgical reconstructive surgery takes too long time and can be risky. Therefore a tailor-made implant is the best choice.

The artificial jaw is slightly heavier than a natural jaw, but the patient can easily get used to it.


Update: Pictures!

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  1. ix says:

    Here's some pictures of the press conference, I think nr 31 might be the device:

    • Pavel says:

      I enjoyed that the photos loaded all on one page, before Javascript magic turned it into an annoying slideshow that I have to click through.

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