Baroness Von Ünderbheit, now with pictures

Pictures of the actual jaw from its manufacturer, Layerwise:

Also an eerily silent and largely Ken Burnsey video of the manufacturing process:


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3 Responses:

  1. Richard says:

    A little more (in your choice of .nl languages):

  2. Hadlock says:

    Are those neodymium magnets along the tooth line to help keep dentures in place? That's a brilliant idea.

  3. 74NK says:

    If you're referring to those threaded holes at the front of the mandible, they are most likely implant fixtures. Magnets aren't used as a sole source retention in implant retained overdentures as they have a tendency to slide against each other during mastication and don't provide the necessary horizontal stability.

    But either way, that's still completely badass.

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