Fucking colorspaces. How do they work?

Dear Lazyweb,

On one machine (Mac), "convert foo.png ... -colorspace RGB foo.jpg" works, but on another machine (Linux) that gives me an all-black image. Conversely, on the Mac, -colorspace sRGB gives me an all-black image, and on the Linux machine that works.

As far as I can tell, both versions of ImageMagick were built the same way. Both machines are 64 bit. Both have lcms2.


All I want is a portable incantation for my "convert" command-lines that says "don't ever give me CMYK JPEGs, because most browsers display those wrong." If there are other subtleties between "RGB" and "sRGB", I'm sure I don't care about them.

What's the right chicken to wave at this shit?

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Michael Westen's Morning Affirmations

Is there a desk calendar? There should be a desk calendar.

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Hayley Wade

Hayley Wade is running for Vice President Student Life. This is her men's room campaign poster.

At the University of Calgary. It is real, not Photoshopped, apparently. That is dirty politics. Her opponent doesn't stand a chance.

I initially read that as "Student Vice President For Life", which I also thought was bold.

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Disabled Protesters vs. Riot Police

I guess this is what you call a "PR Opportunity".

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