Kinect Star Wars takes a stand for Civil Rights in the Empire

Jabba Pleasure Cruises presents...
Dancing Slave Girls!
The Last Daughter of Alderaan!
And The Execution of The Prisoners!

The deep wrongness begins at 3:41, and ups the ante at 4:41.

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jwz mixtape 112

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 112.

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NextLevel Squad: Zilla March

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A Simple and Convenient Synthesis of Pseudoephedrine From N-Methylamphetamine

Journal of Apocryphal Chemistry, Feb 2012:

A quick search of several neighborhoods of the United States revealed that while pseudoephedrine is difficult to obtain, N-methylamphetamine can be procured at almost any time on short notice and in quantities sufficient for synthesis of useful amounts of the desired material. Moreover, according to government maintained statistics, N- methylmphetamine is becoming an increasingly attractive starting material for pseudoephedrine, as the availability of N- methylmphetamine has remained high while prices have dropped and purity has increased [2]. We present here a convenient series of transformations using reagents which can be found in most well stocked organic chemistry laboratories to produce psuedoephedrine from N-methylamphetamine.

"Institute for Theoretical Experiments, Department of Chemistry, Miskatonic University."

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