So. Much. Bad.

As every year, my slog through the SXSW torrents is making my question why I enjoy music at all. So. Much. Bad.

However, I'd like to thank all the hiphop artists out there who begin every track with their MC deadpanning, "Yo. Yo. Huh. Yo." It's good to have that fast indicator that I can hit Next without listening to more than five seconds of the song.

(There is hiphop that I enjoy, but if your level of lyrical creativity is such that your song begins with "Yo", then I'm sorry but we're done here.)

Almost as useful an indicator is the Black Metal Growl, though sadly, they sometimes wait until 20 seconds into the song to unleash that nonsense.

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You kids today: explanation needed.

So there's some band I haven't heard of at Slim's tonight, and there's a line of 20+ teen girls camping out for tickets, lawn chairs and everything. Some of them have been there since before noon.

But this show is not even sold out online. It's almost 5pm and tickets are still available.

Why would you decide that spending 9+ hours sitting on a cold, uncomfortable, and not very attractive sidewalk was a better plan than borrowing mom's credit card? I just don't understand. How is this a good idea? I don't think they're even drunk!

I mean, I camped out like this for shows when I was their age, but that was back when dinosaurs walked the earth and the only way to get tickets was either to buy them at the venue's box office or win them by calling a radio station on the phone, because the goddamn internet hadn't been invented yet.


DNA Pizza: Official Restroom of Teen Girls Who Make Weird Time-Management Choices.

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