Wipeout Quantum!

Best slot cars ever: quantum levitation instead of slots!

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16 Responses:

  1. Mysterc says:

    When they come up with tentacles that use this technology the internet will implode.

  2. Barry Kelly says:

    There's something very "fake" about this video. Nice boyhood fantasy setup though.

  3. J. Peterson says:

    The heavy gloves are a drag, but the streaming vapor trails are awesome.

  4. jpatokal says:

    Cute but fake, and they admit it: the video credits state "(C) Copyright! All rights reserved belong to Sony Entertainment and SCE Studio Liverpool", the video game house developing WipeOut 2048.

    • Neal C says:

      That's prepended by a claim of Fair Use and the meaningless phrase "Note: NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED in this video", which is Youtuberese for "I'm using Sony's stuff and don't understand what copyright actually is, don't sue me plz"

  5. PxT says:

    Comments disabled on YT, and there's no such thing (AFAICT) as the "Japan Institute of Science and Technology" -- got to be a fake. I thought something looked off about the vapor trails.

    • Ben Brockert says:

      A) it's not quantum levitation, it's just superconducting levitation and they gave it a scifi name for PR purposes; B) liquid nitrogen does not come in disposable CO2 cylinders; C) the vapor trails behind the cars are obviously fake.

      Other video: not fake. This video: fake.

    • Studer says:

      Conference? Chances are that you can see it in action at your nearest science museum, even if they might use less fancy names than "quantum levitation" to describe the meissner effect and flux trapping (the only truly newsworthy part about that Tel-Aviv press release is that they don't seem to have good science museums in Israel, which I find somewhat surprising... or maybe it's just that the researchers haven't visited one lately.)

      But as others have pointed out, the Japanese video is most likely fake.

      • phuzz says:

        They didn't have a levitating superconductor at my local science museum, but I was well impressed to see a cloud chamber, that worked much better than the one I'd seen at school.
        Watching radiation is cool, although my 6 y/o nephew thought the massive permanent magnet with a bucket of iron filings was the most fun.

  6. The effect is real but it's not quantum anything. It's not quantum levitation. It's not quantum locking. It's not quantum trapping. It's the Meissner effect with flux pinning.

  7. Yes, this is definitely fake. I don't understand why they'd use a 3dconnexion mouse to control the racetrack. Most likely, it was borrowed from one of their modeling stations. Not to mention, I don't think liquid nitrogen is generally kept in 12-gram cartridges. But hey, perhaps its real and they are just a trendy lab that has a Guitar Hero drum setup in the same room.

  8. Jairus Khan says:

    Quantum locking is real. This video is not. You can see the CGI vapour appear through a wall at 1:15 or so, and there's no vapour until the cars start moving.

  9. Brian B says: