What in the fuck has Obama done so far?

Big fucking deal. What else?

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  1. Jason Heilig says:

    So vote Republican?

    • Adolf Osborne says:

      I'd vote Republican, but then I think I'd just feel like Cleetus:

      ``The Glove,'' he said, and you could hear the capital letters when he pronounced it, ``had never been washed. Ever.''

      Before he went home in the evening, he would wash his hands again and again, trying to get the smell out of his skin. then he would go home, and usually awaken his roommate, who would respond with a plea that he go and wash his hands again -- ``I can smell it from across the room!''

      And so Cleetus would wash, and wash, and scrub, and scrub, like some modern-day minimum-wage Lady Macbeth: ``Out, damned spot! out, I say!''

    • metahacker says:

      Why not hold Obama accountable, instead? You have a better chance of changing things that way, really. And depending on your views--let's assume you're a Democrat on the edge--isn't it better to start with someone who' done 50 things you like and 50 things you don't, than someone whose record is more like 10-90?

      • Jason Heilig says:

        I completely disagree with the basis of holding Obama accountable to begin with. Yes, he hasn't done all he promised, but he's managed to do quite a few things that needed to be done.

        The idea of holding him accountable would mean what, third party, or Republican? Sorry, the Republicans are fucking psychopaths, and yes, Ron Paul is nucking futts too.

        Many of the things that were proposed, and aimed for were completely held hostage by the filibuster-fucked Congress. It took until this week to really put some teeth behind TARP, all because of bullshit 30-second-session Pro-Forma politics. Blaming Obama for the bullshit situation going on in the legislative branch is hardly fair in any sense.

        If you think for a second that voting for anybody BUT Obama is going to put this country towards a better path, you're fucking delusional. The various independents will never win, and the Republicans are literally sociopaths. Ron Paul people, while mostly correct on foreign policy, are absolutely clueless when it comes to regulating industry.

        Liberalism became a bad word, regulation became a bad word. Yet deregulation of Wall Street is what fucked our economy.

        To your major point. A democrat on edge has no one to vote for. All of the Republican candidates are certifiable.

        So, while Obama may not have done everything you may want, the answer isn't to vote Paul, Romney, Gingrich, whatever. It's an insane concept, and you should be ashamed if that's your actual premise. You should also feel naive if you think voting third party will do anything either.

  2. Jon says:

    I thought I'd seen this a while ago, albeit with predominantly positive messages. I'm not sure if this is something else, or if someone has carpet-bombed it with negative messages; but after quite a bit of clicking I haven't seen a single positive thing.

  3. vavoida says:

    reminds me of the classic Bill Hicks on presidential agendas - 'Any Qs?' "Just what my agenda is." http://t.co/Fz2cVeaC