The Restart Page

This is amazingly well done. They even got the cursors right.

Free unlimited rebooting experience from vintage operating systems.

Click the buttons!

Someone needs to incorporate all of these into the BSOD screensaver. I hope that person doesn't have to be me. One of you send me a patch.

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17 Responses:

  1. Ian Young says:

    filed under "Surprisingly easy to fap to"

  2. I had sound on when I rebooted the Amiga and had a flashback to 1991.

    • Olly Hodgson says:

      I was slightly disturbed to find an Amiga Workbench 1.3 boot sequence hiding behind a Workbench 2.x restart dialog.

      And somewhat more disturbed by the way that sort of thing disturbed me.

      • Axel says:

        Actually... the Workbench dialog didn't offer to *restart*, only to quit the Workbench. Which was utterly stupid, as unless you had a CLI open, you had to use the 3 finger salute to reboot. The funny thing in the restart page above, is that they photoshopped the dialog to read "restart" (look at the 'S', it's not the normal font as it's the only character they couldn't copy from anywhere else).

        Now, if remembering *that* is not disturbing... ;-)

  3. MattyJ says:

    OS/2 3.1.



  4. LionsPhil says:

    What, no RISC OS?

    Oh wow. The first time I tried this the buttons didn't actually work. In fact it still gets pretty janky after a few, but wow.

  5. Dan says:

    I got a little tear in my eye when I clicked one at random, and it was the IIGS reboot! Man, I loved that computer...

    • Me too! Although I think mine's still in a closet in my parents house...

      • Dan says:

        I sent mine to I still pull it up every now and then and look at it fondly. And then I go out to to get my nostalgia fix. I'd love to have it back, but I really don't have the room. And the last time (many years ago) I tried to use one of my floppies, the glue on the disk had dried so much that the heads cleaned a strip of oxide off of the substrate and ruined the disk. That was when I knew I had to let go. But I still look around, and see SVGA adapters, hard disk adapters, ethernet adapters, etc., and wish I still had it.

        • I'd forgotten existed, so thanks for that! (Erm, but I was kind of planning to do something productive today rather than play Oregon Trail. Oh well.)

          None of my old computers have gone to museums; I figured they were too (comparatively) common. The NeXT turbocube went to a good home, as did the Alpha, the old Digital boxes that didn't really work when I took them off's hands went to a computer recycler (although I do still have some of the goofier peripherals), can't remember what became of the SGI boxes (disbursed through a LUG, maybe?), and there's just the IIgs and one NeXT 030 cube (sans monitor; I'd been using the turbocube dual-headed) back at the 'rents house.

  6. Owen says:

    This is amazing, even the progress bars seem to move at just the right speeds. (Also the page works a little better in Chrome than Firefox.)

    But the PCs need more sound effects. Memory checkers used to make a click-click-click-buzzzzzz, and I miss the A-drive check, B-drive check, beep!

  7. mediapathic says:

    Oh man watching the openstep boot sequence on my macbook was the best cognitive dissonance I've had all day.