Simple font editing?

Dear Lazyweb, if I email you a TTF, and and a PDF of modified letters, can you make me a new TTF from it?

I phrase my question this way because I assume that both the cost and learning curve of actual font-editor programs amount to more than I want to deal with in order to scratch this particular itch...

Update: Challenge accepted, problem solved! Thank you, benefactor.

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6 Responses:

  1. Brian Van says:

    What, you don't have hours of free time to learn an arcane, poorly-documented skillset to automate a simple task?

  2. Michael F. says:

    No, I stink at it, but check out Fontforge - open source, runs on Linux, Mac and Windows.

    Will help with cost, though not learning curve, as I can testify.

  3. I have no such skills either but I have free time; so, assuming you don't want anything fancy like kerning or hinting, I'd take a crack at it (with Fontforge).

  4. Lun Esex says:

    The level of effort required may be slightly less than the equivalent of someone asking you to port Dali Clock to some OS you've never even used before, given that they can provide you with PDFs of a bunch of API docs, and with the caveat that you at least get to do it using whatever your favorite IDE is (that's the part where the person asking says "you've already got the tools, you're familiar with them, and you've done it before").

    I predict that your itch is going to remain unscratched unless you try to DIY with Fontforge or something similar.

    • Sam says:

      It took less than an hour with Fontographer. Fontforge is a piece of crap from the usability standpoint.

  5. Marcello says:

    And now we want to see the font! :)