RePress: WordPress de-censoring proxy

RePress. It's "just" a proxy, but trivial to install. That's the cool part, that you can install it onto any server running WordPress with a click, and that it has a configurable whitelist of the sites which it will proxy. Simple idea, but effective.
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  1. wkrick says:

    Very cool. However, I'm betting that any site running wordpress will soon be blocked for people in China.

    For people who don't do wordpress, but have a hosting account that runs PHP, they can always check out KNProxy...

    Not quite "one click" but it's not hard to set up.

    • antabakayt says:

      Speaking of China: According to tongodeon ( the "experimental browser" on the Amazon Kindle (Keyboard 3G version) has no issue showing blocked content in China (well, aside from, say, color pictures). I wonder if the Kindle Fire has built-in circumvention techniques as well.

      • phuzz says:

        IIRC the the browser in the Fire effectively uses Amazon's servers as a proxy (I assume the also do some compression and scaling of images and what-not), so unless China blacklist every IP that Amazon have then the content will still get through, and I'm sure Amazon have plans for making money in China.