jwz mixtape 108

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 108.

I've fallen behind, and already have 3+ more mixtapes worth of new-ish videos in the queue after this one!

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8 Responses:

  1. MattyJ says:

    No Dope Zebra? WTF?

  2. xrayspx says:

    On topic: I'm now more bummed that our leg of the Bootsy Collins tour got canceled due to poor promotion, but thanks for the video

    On the topic of record companies stomping all over YouTube, they even go after videos posted by the artists themselves, for the purpose of embedding on their own homepage: http://www.rodgab.com/

    Hopefully artists will continue to wise up to the fact that the public will pay them anyway, without the middlemen.

  3. anyfoo says:

    That Bootsy Collins video is gold. I will never ever ever understand how the Sneaker Pimps could let Kelli Ali go.

    Also thanks for the whole mixtape in general, love the Playboy's Bend thing and the glitchy goodness at the end.

    • anyfoo says:

      Also, on a slightly more general note, please PLEASE keep those mixtapes coming.

    • jwz says:

      Completely agree about Kelli Ali. Everything from Sneaker Pimps / Iamx after she left was pretty much shit.

      Her solo stuff is ok (but mostly acoustic-y, not triphop-y) but she and someone else did one release calling themselves "Dropz" that was very Six Underground-like.

      I wish I could find a higher quality version of that Bootsie video!

      • anyfoo says:

        Thanks, I'll check that "Dropz" thing out. Agree on most of her other stuff being "ok", actually that's why I'm so delighted about that Bootsy Collins thing.

        I tried to find a better version yesterday but wasn't too successful, they all seem to be crude VHS rips. Seriously, fuck people who write "HD" in the video title in cases where all it does is emphasize just how lo-res and generally bad the source material was. (Bonus points for additionally screwing up the aspect ratio, as in this "official" "HD" Martin Solveig video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sh0UN0OdYtA )

  4. Jered says:

    This is by far the most consistently good mixtape in a very long time!

  5. Nicolas Ward says:

    The retro video game style of Ringmaster was my favorite of this set, right down to the "You Suck!" sample from Mortal Kombat.