DNA Lounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein we introduce you to Superstar Tagger of the Week, Kyle Andrew Neesan.

17 Responses:

  1. Lloyd says:

    If he won't get criminally charged, can you pursue a civil suit?

    • Elusis says:

      Ooh, good call. Take him to small claims court.

      • Elusis says:

        Also: pity that magazine subscription sites now want you to pay up front rather than letting you get "billed later on." Year-long subscriptions to "The Economist" are pricey.

        • Elusis says:

          Also also: If you got together several carloads of your incredibly bizarre friends and we all showed up on his lawn to speak to him in a very penetrating yet reasonable fashion, do you think we could make him cry?

          • Pavel says:

            No, but you could probably explain to the police why you're trespassing on someone's lawn.

            • Elusis says:

              Ooh er.

              Vallejo is broke. Last year they couldn't even afford the police presence to bust open street prostitution.

  2. Ben Brockert says:

    You've been running the place for this many years, and you haven't met any local crackheads and/or employees who will beat the shit out of somebody for twenty bucks?

    • Pavel says:

      Twenty bucks and a felony conviction! You'd trust a crackhead to not rat you out to the cops after they cuff him for felony assault and battery? Hah.

  3. Paul N says:

    You've got his first three results on Google. Clever.

  4. Mysterc says:

    Found a garbage can in my neighborhood with the same "tag".... I have family I need to visit in Vallejo....

    Also known as "Neesynash" check out his Flickr! its filled with pictures of his "tag".

    There has to be a way to make all of his photos redirect to the Graffiti Abatement Program.

    What would the Digital equivalent of tagging be?

  5. aczarnowski says:

    Taggers make me understand where David Banner is coming from. If I ever see one in progress I'll be hard pressed to avoid turning into a green monster and smashing the shit out of them.