Dear iTunes, knock that shit off:

"iTunes could not connect to this iPhone because an unknown error occurred (0xE8000065). OK."

"Guru Meditation #00000004.0000AAC0", it did not go on to say.

It seems to pop up this dialog every few hours if my phone is in the vicinity of my iMac but not physically docked to it.

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  1. David M.A. says:

    Happens on windows occasionally as well. Wireless sync still has some bugs.

    • Neal C says:

      Plus it won't Wireless Sync unless it's plugged into a wall. By design. What.

      I like how syncing no longer stops you from using the device, but I think the wireless end needs another iteration or two...

      • Patrick says:

        Wellllll.. The initial sync could take hours with the radio going constantly, so the battery would visibly go flat and people would bitch. I kind of understand that design limitation - if you want to force a sync while unplugged, you can. And some stuff just syncs anyways, regardless of whether it's on the juice or not.

        However, I manage to scuzz it out more or less daily when I put my iPhone in my car's dock where it has power and can still see the wifi network so it starts to sync.. Until I get out of the driveway and it loses sight of the network. At least it seems like one of the post 5.0 updates seems to have at least made that into a transient error instead of something that wedges iTunes right the fuck up. I still have to restart iTunes every now and then to get some random Guru Meditation error to go away but at least it isn't a daily problem any more. Here's a thought: Put a couple of minutes delay onto the wifi sync, like the cloud backup has. Or bring back the unknown charger code so it recognizes when it isn't on wall power.

        And, slightly annoyingly, while it can manage to sync songs and apps and other bundles, you still need to dock it to your computer to update play counts and last played information.

        • Neal C says:

          Yeah, I can kinda see why they'd do it for battery-time reasons.

          I've not managed to get it to do a non-plugged-in wifi sync manually, maybe I've just got something set up wrong - if that works, my complaints are hereby null :)

      • Liam says:

        Not true. The automatic sync is kicked off when you plug it in to be charged. Syncing works just as well both plugged into the charger and not plugged in if you hit the 'sync' button on either end (in iTunes or on the phone).

  2. Seth Anderson Kingsley says:

    I see that all of the time and it makes me berserk. I have a completely untested theory that it’s because my phone automatically locks with a passcode. Do you use a passcode?

    • Liam says:

      I don't get this error, my wife does. Both iPhone 4S phones, and neither have a passcode set.

    • Neil Girling says:

      We both lock our phones with a passcode, but this error doesn't happen to me and does affect my girlfriend.

  3. Neil Girling says:

    Doesn't happen to me (iPhone 4s, Mac OS X 10.6.8), does happen to girlfriend (iPhone 4, Mac OS X 10.6.?).

  4. Jered says:

    I get this too.... enh; I figure the black hole that is Apple bug tracking will get it fixed eventually.

    As a public service, however, I'd like to share the most infuriating new iPhone bug (of the week):

    1) Enable iMessage.
    2) Decide that you don't like it; disable iMessage.
    3) Have an iMessage user send you a message... it will send, but not show delivered.
    4) iMessage will never fall back to SMS. Nobody gets any indication of this failure.

    After digging through the web forums, it turns out that the ONLY way to unregister your device from iMessage is:
    1) Go to your Apple Support Profile (the thing that tracks your registered serial numbers).
    2) Unregister your device from Support. (!)

    Obviously this was the right behavior.