The latest Twitter nonsense

So, Twitter changed their policy from "if anyone in the world issues a take-down, we take it down globally" to "now we only take it down in the country that issued the take-down."

I guess you could see "we support tyranny in each country individually" as an improvement over "we treat the whole world as the least common denominator of the world's most tyrannous country in which we want to make money" as an improvement. If you have very low expectations.

"But," you may say, "They have no choice but to obey the law in all the countries in which they have offices." That's true, but I must have missed the article about someone holding a gun to their head and forcing them to open offices there. So they chose to make themselves an uncomfortable bed to lie in. How about that.

When you're in the business of providing a communications medium -- or, if you happen to have a moral compass of any kind -- there are some people you just shouldn't do business with, because it makes you part of the problem.

They said:

One of our core values as a company is to defend and respect each user's voice. We try to keep content up wherever and whenever we can,
and omitted,
...unless that interferes with our ability to make a buck.
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Origami Masks


Q: "Are they each from a single piece of paper?"

A: Yes -- by far the most frequently asked question, and the easiest one to answer (I wish they all were simple yes/no questions). But it is usually followed up with "...because some of them look like they're woven..." which is not actually a question, but an observation, and an implied invitation for me to elaborate on the masks' construction. So I elaborate. It's a technique that is both structural and ornamental. Parallel folds make pleats that open up to form the convexities of the face and intersect with each other around the face. Where they intersect, twist folds are formed on the back of the piece which help to keep the pleats closed. The pleats get pretty tightly packed together, and where they run parallel to each other, the space between them looks like an individual strip of paper from the front. Where twist folds occur on the back, it appears that the "strips" of paper are crossing under and over one another.

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Parliament for Vendetta

Polish Politicians Don Guy Fawkes / Anonymous Masks To Protest ACTA Signing

There's been lots of talk today about how various EU governments are agreeing to sign ACTA (which still needs to be ratified by the EU Parliament). It's gotten the most attention in Poland, where there were mass protests -- but the government there still signed. Of course, not everyone in the Polish government agreed. Amazingly, officials from the Palikot's Movement held up the famed Guy Fawkes/Anonymous masks in Parliament to protest the vote: Of course, we should note that, from the picture, it sure looks like those masks are "counterfeit" copies of the official Guy Fawkes mask that Time Warner holds the rights to. Good thing ACTA is coming into force to stop such blatant "counterfeiting," huh?

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Choi Xoo Ang

The Wing:

I have not found the artist's official site, but "Image Search" is a nightmare factory.

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Bay Bridge SAS Main Cable

Construction update, Jan 26, 2012:

Workers have installed the first of 137 strands of the nearly mile-long main cable. Each strand is comprised of 127 individual wires.

The SAS's cable is anchored into the east end of the roadway, traveling up and over the single tower to wrap around the west end before traveling back up and over the tower to anchor back into the east end. The cable features 118 miles of 2 1/2-inch steel strands and more than 17,000 5mm wires. The cable weighs 5,291 tons or nearly 10.6 million pounds.

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On behalf of the People of Earth, please accept our unconditional surrender.

Malgorzata Dudek:

Kamila Gawronska:

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