DNA Lounge: Wherein there are photos, and maybe someday a food court.

A bunch of new photo galleries have surfaced! Ignite the Raid; Mortified; Blow Up: Le Castle Vania; Bootie: DJ Lobsterdust; Hubba Hubba Revue: Edwardian Ball Opening Party; and Jakalope + Left Spine Down.

I'm told that at a recent Battle of the Bands we had a wedding proposal go down on stage. You'd think there'd be photos of that, but I haven't seen any!

It looks like a little progress has been made on the plan to park a bunch of food carts and picnic tables in the parking lot of the burned-out shell of the Veterans' Cab warehouse. I wrote about how that plan seemed to be falling apart back in August, but apparently they're breaking ground this week.

If all goes well, this could be a great thing. If it ends up bringing more business into the neighborhood at lunch-time, and makes this end of the neighborhood actually be a food destination, that will only help us and the other local businesses.

I worry, however, that all their talk of lunch-time business is just a smoke-screen, and the actual plan is for these food carts to only be here on Friday and Saturday nights when the clubs are jumping. That's not really going to hurt us, but it's certainly not going to do much to help, either. Weekend night-time business? We've pretty much got that covered. It's the mornings and afternoons where our neighborhood could use a little livening up.


Security Bees!

Bees 'could deter vandals' at Greenfield heritage park

My beekeeping pal says, "I was using that as a selling point for putting bees in junkyards, etc. Except then people used wasp spray on my hives at Hayes Valley, and they cost about $1k each."

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Thom Browne

Great news, everybody! Shoulder pads and face spikes!


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