Simple font editing?

Dear Lazyweb, if I email you a TTF, and and a PDF of modified letters, can you make me a new TTF from it?

I phrase my question this way because I assume that both the cost and learning curve of actual font-editor programs amount to more than I want to deal with in order to scratch this particular itch...

Update: Challenge accepted, problem solved! Thank you, benefactor.

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Apparently Safari is using Mork now

Well, it might as well be.

The file ~/Library/Cookies/Cookies.plist used to be a simple XML file of your Webkit cookies, but now that file still exists but is never updated. Now (as of November?) it's a Cookies.binarycookies file, which is apparently some exciting new form of braindamage. No, it's not a binary plist, nor is it sqlite or something.

Haven't we been down this path before? Well played, you jackasses.

Anyway. Dear Lazyweb, do you know of any Perl code that can read this?

(In my humble but correct opinion, loading the cookie files used by all of the major browsers should be a built-in feature of LWP::Simple, but it's not. You have to do it by hand.)


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