I have automated my curtain.

I built an Arduino dingus so that I can close my curtains from the command line. Wanna see?

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DNA Lounge update

DNA Lounge update, wherein our lots are merged!

Oakland Cops Demoted, Suspended For Covering Name Tags During Occupy Oakland

Fuck Yeah:

An Oakland police lieutenant has been demoted and an officer is facing a one-month suspension because the officer was videotaped at a recent Occupy Oakland protest with the name on his uniform covered by black tape, sources said Wednesday.

Officer John Hargraves, who has been with the Police Department for five years, covered his first initial and last name while providing security at police headquarters during the Nov. 2 general strike, a video shot by Terrence Jerod Williams showed.

In the video, Williams told Hargraves, "It's kind of weird that you actually are not showing your name. Why is that? Simple question."

Hargraves did not respond. Williams then approached Lt. Clifford Wong, who was standing with other officers outside the building on Seventh Street downtown. After an inaudible conversation between Hargraves and Wong, Wong removed the tape.

After an internal investigation, Hargraves was ordered suspended for 30 days, and Wong was demoted to sergeant for failing to report the incident to internal affairs.


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ScoutingNY explores a converted missile-base home

An Abandoned Cold War Missile Base Hidden In The Adirondacks

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Skyliners: I Believe I can Fly

"You're about to jump off of a perfectly good tightrope, Johnny. How do you feel about that?"

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