DNA Lounge: Wherein the web site gets a big overhaul.

I've just done a huge redesign of the DNA Lounge calendar. Please let me know whether it looks sane to you!

For many years, I clung to the idea that the calendar should be one page per month, under the hypothesis that having the info for all of the other events be right there would be faster for browsing around, and would also cause at least some people to check out events that they might not otherwise have known about.

But, now that I've submitted to the NASCARization of the web and stuck all those "Like" buttons on everything, the page got really, really slow to load. The junk buried under the IFRAMEs shipped by Facebook and especially Google is gigantic and horrible and they should hang their heads in shame. Those buttons cause an absurd slowdown on any page that includes them, but on a page like mine, that typically has 40+ different Like buttons on it? Forget about it. You'd think that shit would be cached and shared, but no.

So, I gave in and switched to one page per event, like the rest of the world does. This let me re-do the layout to use more and larger images and stuff, since there aren't 20+ events on the same page any more. Consequently, I think it looks a lot better.

Let me know if it looks wrong for you. Specifically, let me know if something looks screwed up on your phone, or if any of the boxes dance around weirdly when you resize the window. (It has three different layouts it runs through as space decreases, but it shouldn't thrash.)

For some events, there's a bit too much unused blank space on the page, but it's really hard to come up with a layout that works well for all of our events, given the dramatically different distribution of text and images they tend to have...


We've still got a bunch of those "Save DNA Lounge" shirts (the ones that say "A DISORDERLY HOUSE INJURIOUS TO THE PUBLIC WELFARE AND MORALS" on the back) left over 2009 and 2010 fundraiser for our legal battles. As they are no longer what you would refer to as "timely", and as they are taking up much-needed shelf space, we're trying to get rid of them. If you want one, now's the time! We're unloading them for just five of your American dollars.