The Restart Page

This is amazingly well done. They even got the cursors right.

Free unlimited rebooting experience from vintage operating systems.

Click the buttons!

Someone needs to incorporate all of these into the BSOD screensaver. I hope that person doesn't have to be me. One of you send me a patch.

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REC Room

TV Static Stock Video:

Why spend your valuable time trying to make perfect digital TV static when you could just use the real thing?

This freebie pack includes six different TV static shots with two quality options to choose from. Check out the preview, then either download the 720p Photo Jpeg version or the 1080p Pro Rez version from the links below.

Featuring such classic hits as:

  • Static #1 (15 sec, 126.8mb);
  • Static #2 (10 sec, 78.1mb);
  • Looping Static #1 (4 sec, 38.3mb);
  • Looping Static #2 (6 sec, 78.1mb);
  • Bad Reception (10 sec, 83.3mb);

And who could forget

  • TV On/Off (10 sec, 84.4mb)!

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Scene missing! A video in this post has disappeared. If you know of an accessible version of this video (search), please mail me so that I can update this post.
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