Snow Crash (simulated)

When there's no input plugged into the HDMI port on the TVs that we have in DNA Pizza, they do this:

If you are of a certain age, this probably seems normal and sensible to you. But think about it again. Video static is caused by amplifying random radio white noise and feeding it to the input stage of a scanning electron gun. HDMI is digital and DRM'ed all the way through: there is no analog phase here at all!

This TV is playing a built-in MPEG of static, instead of just displaying solid blue or solid black like they used to do.

I think that's kind of awesome. The map has become the territory.

I also bet it's a short loop, and I'd see the pattern if I stared long enough. Either that, or I'd contract a Videodrome tumor.

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What in the fuck has Obama done so far?

Big fucking deal. What else?

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