Whole Guantanamo: Indefinite Fir Detention

Every time I pass this display I think, "Wow, those trees must have done something really bad."

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11 Responses:

  1. Different Jamie says:

    Damn firriners.

  2. Kevin Lyda says:

    I used to work at a garden store when I was in high school. I worked there over two Christmases and at least once that I recall I had a guy offer me $20 to toss a tree over the fence to him.

    I was a budding grumpy atheist even then, but I was offended by the idea of celebrating a religious event around a thing you got a 16 year old to steal for you. Heck, I still find it offensive.

    Anyway, I'm unsurprised by the sign - it's there for a reason.

    • 205guy says:

      Right, but when the attendant offered to cut 1 ft off a 7ft tree ($50) and sell it to me as a 5ft tree ($20), I shared some of the savings with him. And I was prepared to spend about $30 for a 6ft tree, but they didn't have any, nor any intermediate price point. But since they were trying to get rid of trees that'll be worth $0 in 10 days, I guess everybody wins.

      BTW, jwz's original comment made the picture. I suspect the trees were watching or filming cops during an occupy clearout.

  3. I saw a sign in the TL that said "This area is under intermittent surveillance." Why would they announce that they can't afford full-time surveillance?

  4. Rick C says:

    Exactly. If it's intermittent, you don't know if anyone's watching you RIGHT NOW.

    • hattifattener says:

      Should I interpret this as a Foucault reference or a B. F. Skinner reference?

    • gryazi says:

      Gotta love the logic to that, actually - if they just said 'under surveillance' and anyone else "relied" on it (think assault, theft, being set on fire over a debt, etc etc) they'd be on the hook for negligent misrepresentation.

      So yeah, better go with 'intermittent', since it's [maybe] just as creepy for security purposes but doesn't 'offer to the world' that you're logging tape reliably.