Today's episode of "What's On My Bloody Mary?"

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9 Responses:

  1. Robert Krajewski says:

    It's a meal in itself!

  2. meeks says:

    what is that light-colored object on the far left? is that a pear? water chestnut? jicama?

  3. Mark says:

    One day, you're going to post a mini-cheeseburger on a swizzle stick, suspended above a vaguely red beverage.

  4. David M.A. says:

    I'm curious: when looking at these concoctions, are we to be awed, disgusted, worried that some bartender out there thought this was a good idea...?

  5. mrbill says:

    Was the rim dipped in salt _and_ pepper or what?

    • Richard Perrin says:

      Looks like it's rimmed with celery salt, as you'd do for a (far superior, IMHO) Bloody Caesar.