Soft Robot Walking and Crawling

This doesn't really seem that menacing. They could definitely up the menace here.

It does seem designed for rectal excursions, though, which has a menace all its own.

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8 Responses:

  1. curgoth says:

    The menace comes in when you imagine it extruding needles from the tips of its pseudopods.

  2. plums says:

    It reminds me of a variety of kinds of parasitic worms. That's menace enough, thanks.

  3. spoonyfork says:

    Did I just watch two minutes of a robot doing The Worm?

    • You just watched two minutes of a Worm Robot.

      That alone is no cause for concern. After they add a gaping mouth and release prototypes in the desert, stay the hell away from Phoenix and Las Vegas.

  4. DFB says:

    Lookout! Go for the umbilical or we'll all be effleuraged!!

  5. Alex says:

    *Excursions*? Incursions, surely?

  6. DaveL says:

    I felt sorry for it at the end when it clearly got tired.

    On the other hand, the menace aspect doesn't get too scary until the (off-screen) air supply and computer are on-board.

    Scissors > wimpy Shoggoth wannabee.

  7. Needs two things to be creepier:
    1) Squishy sound effects
    2) Video of it incursing upon rectal-exam-bot's nether regions.

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