Now you have two problems


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  1. Thomas Lord says:

    I will give $100[*] to whoever takes it to the next level (which would be "now you have two problems" followed by "that's what she said").


    "I really need make sure these backups are scheduled properly so I decided to use awk."
    "Now you have two problems."
    "Nah, there's nothing hard about this."


    "The application was getting bloated so we added embedded basic as an extension language."
    "Nah, it'll be easy to pull out and replace with something more studly later."

    [*] That's not $100 USD --- that's $100FYI (one hundred dollars in the Figment of Your Imagination currency).

    [**] I hear Stanford is offering degrees in NYH2P and TWSS. No I didn't. Not really. I just inferred it.

  2. “The solution of every problem is another problem.” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe