jwz mixtape 106

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 106.

I subscribe to a bunch of music video blogs using Miro, and it turns out that for the last few months, Miro had a bug where it was silently failing to download any videos from Vimeo. I had been wondering why my feeds seemed to have dried up a bit... Well, once that was fixed, the floodgates opened. This mixtape has more than its usual share of zombies, and walking around in spooky woods, presumably because a lot of these were posted around Halloween and I caught up late.

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  1. Ian Young says:

    As usual: nothing but pretty girls and synthesizers; nowhere NEAR enough heavy wire-knitting machinery.

  2. I use Miro too, and I generally enjoy your taste (I'd say about 90% of the time).
    Is there any chance you could publish a list of your sources/channels/what-have-you?

    • jwz says:

      I sort through a vast amount of crap so that you don't have to!

      I watch a lot of videos for less than 5 seconds each with my mouse on the slider. My morning ritual doesn't take very long though; I'm well practiced at it, having spent my childhood training for this by watching MTV in fast-forward in 6-hour-VHS-tape increments. Also, for some of these sites, I have my own script that translates their RSS feed into something that includes the videos as podcast enclosures so that Miro knows what to do with them.

      In no particular order, my current Miro list is: Antcast, Cliptip, Gorilla vs Bear, Music Video Jam, No Fat Clips, Vimeo 6540, Vimeo 8048, Vimeo hdmusicvideos, Vimeo musicvideos, Vimeo electrovideo, Vimeo topindie, Vimeo mvod, Vimeo theawesometrophy, Vimeo stereogum, Youtube Radar.

      Some of those might be stale by now, as I haven't checked when the last time they updated was.

      I also follow every band I enjoy on Facebook, and they always post when they have something new out.

      There's a huge amount of overlap among all of those feeds. When an interesting (or not so interesting...) new video comes out I often see it five times over the course of a couple of days.

      Oddly, there's almost no direct Youtube representation in those links, even though every video that exists on Vimeo also exists on Youtube, because Youtube doesn't seem to have a mechanism for multiple people to share a single channel, and people who curate their own lists seem to do so either on their own blog or on Vimeo rather than in Youtube channels directly. Or, maybe I've just not stumbled across any. But I do look for these things.

  3. Dopebox Shot says:

    I have to check out miro. sounds cool

  4. Jay says:

    I'm not sure if you've seen this one before but I thought you might find it interesting:

    High Places - "Sonora"