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Well, that was fun! My server hadn't experienced a load spike like that since before I started using WordPress, so it took some tweaking to get Apache and PHP to stop falling over. I think it should be fine the next time I say something that gets the nerds all riled up, though.

Many of the comments on my post are hilarious. There was surprisingly little trolling, and many times I found myself not needing to reply because someone else had ably handled it before I got there. I do like it when that happens. Sometimes you can crowd-source snark.

It always surprises me when I post something relatively short and direct like that and many people seem to just not understand what I'm saying at all. I read the comments and think, "How was I unclear? Because I thought I was pretty clear!" This time I even said it all twice, just in case. Maybe people assume that I'm speaking in some hidden code and can't possibly mean what I actually said.

I got a kick out of all the attempts at redirection, too. "Well that's all very interesting, but answer this highly-targetted question with a sound-bite that will let me continue to justify my preconceptions and sunk costs."

Since someone asked, and it made me curious, the most popular referrers seem to have been:

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26 Responses:

  1. Cowmix says:

    No traffic from /.


    • jwz says:

      I don't think they even posted it, did they? I was surprised.

      • Gabriel Rosenkoetter says:

        Clearly, documenting marca's behavior is neither "news for nerds" nor "stuff that matters". ;^>

        • Gabriel Rosenkoetter says:

          Um, yeah, I totally typed "marca" rather than "Arrington" because back when I scanned the original post, I misread it as that, and it stuck, despite noticing. Whoops, sorry!

    • Joe says:

      I guess Taco was the #1 fanboy there.

  2. Laura Rubin says:

    The only thing missing is pictures of girls wrestling in chocolate sauce.

  3. Jeremy Wilson says:

    Try nginx and php-fpm - it's the future, today!

    I can see why the trolling was kept to a minimum - how could anyone disagree with you and keep a straight face? Defending VCs is like defending Lehman Brothers.

  4. sclatter says:

    Reading your diary entries made me want to give your 1994 self a hug.

    Strangely, grad school is a lot like a start-up except no one gets rich.

    • Elusis says:

      Strangely, grad school is a lot like a start-up except no one gets rich.

      Grad school? Try working in academia!

      [returns to 12th straight hour of writing conference abstracts that are due in 24 hours; contemplates stack of ungraded papers; cries]

      • Chad Altenburg says:

        Lay off the crack. Doing grad school is nothing like working at a start up.

        • James C. says:

          Having done both, I have to agree with you. The ridiculous hours and unethical workloads are about the same, but that’s all they have in common. There’s not even a potential of monetary rewards during or after grad school, unqualified assholes don’t belittle your work nearly as often, and you don’t have VCs to blame about after you’ve ruined your life and career. The really terrible thing is that grad school makes you cynical really early on, rather than after everything has come crashing down at the end.

    • Art Delano says:

      This is also true of working for the majority of start-ups.

  5. Devon Dossett says:

    I'm amazed that Arrington's wiki has no mention of this JWZgate incident.

  6. nooj says:

    > many times I found myself not needing to reply because someone else had ably handled it before I got there.

    > Holy shit! I am told that this bug was fixed FIVE HOURS after I posted this. Thanks, Alexey!

    Does this mean we're improving and soon will receive our level one henching merit badges in the mail?