If you truly understood my needs, you'd buy me a Utah Teapot.

Utanalog is cast in white porcelain and available in a limited edition, please contact us for pricing if you want to own a piece of materialized computer history. Different resolutions finishes and colors (white, black, clayrender grey, red, green and blue) will follow later.

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  1. Michael Dwyer says:

    It has a bottom??

  2. A real object being available in different resolutions adumbrates a future full of wacky shopping choices. This one is too flat shaded. I hope it comes in "NURBS".

  3. michael says:

    Phong shaded please.

  4. J. Peterson says:

    Funny they used the squished version of the teapot rather than the original. Apparently Jim Blinn squished the model data to compensate for the non-square pixels on his '70s vintage display screen.

    • jwz says:

      Not funny at all -- were I to buy a pixellated Utah Teapot, I would insist on the squished version.

      The map has become the territory.

  5. Neal C says:

    Shapeways do ceramics nowadays, so I think I might just get one of these made up myself...

    I'm quite pleased that I managed to insert one into a game I've worked on, although it's subtle enough that nobody seems to have noticed it yet :P

    • jwz says:

      If that works out -- and you end up with something you can actually make tea in -- please report back!

  6. unfold says:

    Hi all,

    Thanks for blogging our rendition of the Utah teapot. To answer the questions:

    -YES, it has a bottom, and an inside shell, and a rim for the lid... Would not make much sense without those features but I get the joke.

    -If there is enough demand for a nurbs version we'll consider a nurbs version, it was always the idea to have multiple resolutions but at the moment startup costs for production is rather high. We love the facetted one the most because it resembles traditional japanese teapots. And it salutes better its digital rockstar status. First step is to offer this one in other colors, would love to see clay render gray...

    -The one on the photo is actually a prototype, the final one is unglazed on the outside. We strived hard to get it unglazed on the outside to give it sharper edges and less glossy finnish. Its very good porcelain so there is no staining on the outside, the inside is glazed though. Final one is matte, no specular but looks really good. Will update the pictures soon.

    -Squashed version, yes, part of the story and thats how its known now. We where interested to see what traces 30 year digitalness leave on the object. If we would leave all that out we would just make a copy of the original Melitta. The squashing was indeed to compensate for rectangular pixels. If someone has the original Melitta spare I am willing to trade for one of ours.

    -Yep, shapeways does ceramics and I actually have one of our Utahs printed by them here in my studio. I'll put some images online this week. We were planning on selling that version online but it turned out pretty ugly so we decided against it. Recently they changed their process so now its probably a lot better. Will see If we order a new one. If someone is really interested I will turn it back on for sale: http://shpws.me/1y97. It looks like you can put tea in it but never tested. But for that price you better order one of ours ;)

    Which brings me to the point that you can order them now! We first tried to produce them ourselves but never had good enough yields so now one of the best belgian porcelain manufacturers is making them (handmade) and the first batch arrives at our door dec 1th, next week. So shoot us a mail if you are interested: hello AT unfold DOT be. And if someone is very historically specialized in the Utah shoot me a mail too please for membership of the Utah Teapot Historical Society.

    • jwz says:

      Hey there! Great work, but why so coy about the price? Maybe I want one, but how much? After all the typing you just did, why you gonna make me mail you to find out the answer to that question?

    • relaxing says:

      Dude. Put it up for sale.

  7. unfold says:

    Sorry folks, I was waiting for adjustments to the final price from the manufacturer which I only got two days ago, thats why I omitted it. The first batch arrived last week so here you go:

    The Utanalog teapot is made from high quality white porcelain with a transparent glazing only on the inside to preserve the sharp polygon edges. The production was made by Stockmansporcelain, a Belgian porcelain manufacturer, famous for fine designs and very high quality. We loved to know the story beyond the Utah teapot and so we also love to know who manufactures our products, therefore we went for a local producer.

    Price: 299€ excl. shipping.
    Shipping costs: - within Belgium - 8€
    - Netherlands, Germany, UK and France - 11€
    - rest of Europe - 22€
    - USA, Canada - 30€
    - rest of the world - 45€

    Since our webshop is not yet operational please send us an email if you are interested and we'll send you the necessary payment info.

  8. unfold says:

    New pictures posted online now: http://www.unfold.be/pages/projects/items/utanalog
    Damn, they look like renders now :)

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