The Vigilant Citizen brings news that Aleister Crowley was actually The Abominable Dr. Phibes

"The Great Beast 666"

Curse of Tutankhamun may have been work of Satanist killer

Six mysterious London deaths famously attributed to the 'Curse of Tutankhamun' were actually murders by notorious Satanist Aleister Crowley, historian Mark Beynon claims. Incredible parallels between Crowley and Jack the Ripper have also been discovered during research by Beynon.


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  1. DaveL says:

    Isn't it clear that Dr. Phibes was a descendant of the Earl of Oxford, which Crowley (as far as we know) was not?

  2. Samuel says:

    In other dystopia news,

    ...a second DARPA/Boston Dynamics program, the Cheetah, another four-legged robot featuring a head and a flexible spine. The Cheetah is designed to run faster than any human and operate in a semi-autonomous mode as it stalks and runs down enemy forces...

    • Ben says:

      The mechanical Hound slept but did not sleep, lived but did not live in its gently humming, gently vibrating, softly illuminated kennel back in a dark corner of the fire house. The dim light of one in the morning, the moonlight from the open sky framed through the great window, touched here and there on the brass and copper and the steel of the faintly trembling beast. Light flickered on bits of ruby glass and on sensitive capillary hairs in the nylon-brushed nostrils of the creature that quivered gently, its eight legs spidered under it on rubber padded paws.

  3. StephenW says:

    This allegation against Crowley is simply nonsense. Learn the complete truth here:

  4. Bethann says:

    Read about the people behind Vigilant Citizen and the scams they run to the side:

    This is not a good source of information.


    • jwz says:

      "Not a good source of information!"

      "For those of you that are in the conspiracy movement"!

      You folks are just adorable!