The Curious Case of Smile.jpg

You see, for fifteen years I have been haunted by smile.jpg. comes to me in my sleep every night. I know that sounds silly, but it is true. There is an ineffable quality about my dreams, my nightmares, that makes them completely unlike any real dreams I have ever had. I do not move and do not speak. I simply look ahead, and the only thing ahead of me is the scene from that horrible picture. I see the beckoning hand, and I see It talks to me.

Scroll down, I dare ya.

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5 Responses:

  1. Tkil says:

    Looks like an extra /div tag might have snuck into the snippit above? It's quoted on the LJ feed, but the layout here on the blog at is pretty thoroughly mucked up...

  2. Ken Kennedy says:

    Oh...thaannkks. I totally needed to add THAT to sleep problem list! *grin*

  3. LafinJack says:

    ...any attempt to create a page pertaining to smile.jpg is summarily deleted by any of the encyclopedia’s many admins.


    And really, that's all? I was expecting something better.

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