Not a walkway

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  1. LafinJack says:

    Ceci n'est pas un signe.

  2. File under: more questions raised than answered.

  3. gryazi says:

    I'm going to like the idea that this is an unfortunate/clever way of avoiding making it ADA compliant or building something that, because of width and curvature, perhaps couldn't ever be made compliant, but which the bipedally-lucky may be left to traverse as a landscape element at their own risk.

    Since y'all seem to at least make an effort at all with that out there.

    • Thomas Lord says:

      Spoiler alert:

      Presumably if you walk down along it, you'll reach the end of that "walkway" and find yourself standing at a dead-end atop an 5-10' retaining wall (or similar situation). This would be bad to learn the hard way on a skateboard.

      If you follow the dirt footpath, instead, it'll drop you off more conveniently.

  4. Adam says:

    "Haha, just kidding." ?

    • Adam says:

      What does the back of the sign say?

      • piku says:

        "keep off the grass"

        The local Post Office depot has a warning sign next to the staircase. It warns people to "mind the step" and instructs them to hold the handrail.

        That's after you've walked through a glass door and down a small set of steps first, of course.

  5. brandon says:

    Markoff Chaney.

  6. John Fiala says:

    I have to agree - it looks more like a platypus than a walkway to me.

  7. pavel_lishin says:


    I need to play less Team Fortress 2.

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